Legal 30 April, 2019
One day ahead of the formal entry into force of the new Code for Companies and Associations ("CCA"), i..
Legal 25 April, 2019
The new Code for Companies and Associations has comprehensively reformed the Belgian company law.  The new rules enter into force as from 1 May 2019.  One of the key features of the new company law is the pivotal position attached to the new "limited company" ("besloten vennootschap") as
Legal 19 April, 2019
Mats Walraed shortly describes the impact the new Code for Companies and Associations may have on acquisition financ
Legal 5 July, 2018
Cadanz is a partner of the reference online marketplace in Belgium for M&A transactions "Overnamemarkt / Plateforme de Transmission" ( en
Legal 1 July, 2016
On 21 June 2016, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Justice (the “ECJ”) ruled that the Flemish Language Decree restricts the Free Movement of Goods in cross-border transactions beyond what is strictly necessary.  
Legal 1 December, 2012
In the attached memo, Dirk Strobbe sets out some key principles on board representation for minority (private equity) investors, and their veto-rights.  He discusses the importance to include such veto-rights both in the by-laws and the shareholders
Legal 3 March, 2011
Jan Stoop discusses a judgment of the Leuven commercial court, that has significantly narrowed the possibility for a company's external auditor to be appointed as liquidator (although no legal prohibition exists in this respect).
Legal 4 May, 2010
With the creation of a new Article 515bis in the Belgian Companies Code ("BCC"), the amended Belgian anti-money laundering law has introduced an obligation for owners of securities carrying voting rights to report their 25 % (or above) participation, in companies that have issued demater