News 8 August, 2011
Companies have various options to structure the marketing of their products via intermediaries. Bram Gillis was interviewed on this topic for Trends magazine.
News 21 July, 2011
In an article published in Trends magazine (see attachment), Dirk Strobbe discusses some key features of a "financial plan" as part of the incorporation of a new company.  He explains the specific role and potential responsibility of the accountant in this respect. 
News 30 June, 2011
In the attached article, which was published in Trends magazine, Dirk Strobbe examines some legal constraints to be taken into account when choosing a company and/or business name.
Legal 3 March, 2011
Jan Stoop discusses a judgment of the Leuven commercial court, that has significantly narrowed the possibility for a company's external auditor to be appointed as liquidator (although no legal prohibition exists in this respect).