With its extensive experience and knowledge of commercial law, Cadanz assists clients in all aspects of business life, from drafting all types of commercial cooperation agreements to advising on the legality of marketing campaigns. Cadanz' practice focuses in particular on the following practice areas:

  • Distribution agreements and other commercial agreements
  • Market practices and consumer law
  • Insurance (regulatory)
  • Commercial litigation

Distribution agreements and other commercial arrangements

Cadanz has significant experience in drafting all types of distribution agreements (concession/distribution agreements, commercial agency agreements, franchise agreements, etc.) and developing and administering distribution networks. Cadanz uses this experience to assist its clients in:

  • The choice of the appropriate type of distribution channel;
  • The implementation of that choice, including compliance with pre-contractual obligations;
  • The prevention and/or settlement of disputes with distribution partners;
  • The termination of distribution agreements.

In doing so, Cadanz also deals with all problems and aspects that may have an influence on distribution agreements, such as competition law.

Cadanz also advises and assists clients with respect to other commercial agreements, such as software development agreements, (international) sales agreements, license agreements, etc. Cadanz further assists clients with drafting general purchase and sales conditions that ensure maximum protection of their rights and interests.

Market practices and consumer law

Cadanz also assists its clients in all aspects of business life related to market practices and consumer rights, including:  

  • Sales promotions (seasonal sales, announcements of price reductions, liquidations, etc.);
  • (Comparative) advertising;
  • Price labeling/indication;
  • Unfair clauses in consumer contracts;
  • Unfair market practices (passing off, solicitation of customers and employees, unlawful registration of domain names, refusal to sell, denigration, etc...);
  • E-commerce and distance selling;
  • Sale of consumer goods and associated guarantees;
  • Door-to-door selling/itinerant trade;
  • Protection of personal data;
  • Product liability;
  • Consumer rights in the sectors of telecom energy;
  • Advertising for, and labeling of, specific products such as foodstuffs, tobacco products, medical devices and medicinal products;
  • Lotteries, games of chance, and competitions.