Cadanz advice its clients, and implements solutions with regard to:

  • The purchase and sale of real estate, directly or via special purpose vehicles;
  • The rights in rem such as usufruct, ground lease, building rights, as well as easements;
  • Agreements with architects, contractors and real estate developers;
  • Real estate as a tool for the optimization of personal wealth;
  • Commercial lease;
  • Joint ownership;
  • Real estate leasing; and
  • Structuring of real estate and real estate companies.

Our clients are companies, institutional investors and families, who act as real estate developers, investors, owners, tenants or holders of rights in rem on real estate. The real estate can be a plot of land, as well as industrial, commercial or residential buildings, as part of the assets of a company, an institutional investor portfolio or a family estate.

We regularly assist clients in the renewable energy sector with respect to solar panel roofs and onshore wind turbines.

The role of Cadanz is not limited to that of rendering technical legal advice on real estate matters.  The majority of the real estate matters in which we are involved concern transactions with respect to real estate (sale, purchase, establishment of rights in rem, execution of a long term lease). We provide the draft agreements which will serve as a basis for further negotiations. During those negotiations Cadanz will assist you up until the signing of the agreements.

Cadanz has significant experience on assisting its clients before the courts with respect to real estate litigation.